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24 FEB 2006

pdated a few aspects of the site.  It's still in transition, so bear with me.  And please report any malfunctions with the site to

15 Feb 06

So much news today, what to start with.

First of all, check out the new site design!  It was done by E, especially for us.  Much love and kudos and gratitude to E, for all her help and support.  This is the first page up, and more will be added sooner and later on other pages.  It's our aim to make a cohesive theme for the entire site.

There is an addition to the site: The Hall of Ghosts.  It is a place where all banned or kicked persons will be written up.  Luckily, at the moment, very few people are relegated there, and I hope that no more will be.  But if you have questions about actions I or another moderator has taken, please look there, it should explain everything.

There have been some other minor updates:  I want to thank Apis and Rai for making banners for the site.  Those will be available shortly.   Also, I have been thinking about things that could be added to the site to enhance enjoyment, or clever little things.  If any of you have anything you'd like to see permanently hosted in an accessible place, please e-mail me, and I'll consider putting it up.

The Court's servers are doing very well--we're using very little of our disk space or bandwith, even with the relatively heavy traffic over the last month or so.  Room to grow, my friends. ;-)   I'm considering adding a gallery for artists, and perhaps a few other things.

23 Jan 06

Site Update

D, or Donavun, has given me permission to give out his military e-mail address to those who wish to write him overseas.  We might also want to think about care packages for our friend.  Please contact me at either or 

Unfortunately, due to sadly foreseen circumstances, the Lurker Script for the Waystation has been removed from the site. 

Welcome to everyone who's chosen this place as their new home.

01 Jan 06

(as posted in the defunct blog)

 Opening Day

Today, the Court becomes active, and all that jazz. Check back here for all relevant updates, as Court related materiel will not be posted on my personal LiveJournal.


As some of you may know, a few years back, a very dear friend of mine set up a place called the Court of Worlds. It was a group effort, and much loved. Threads and characters came out of that place that are still being played today. Unfortunately, it had to be closed in much too short a time.

It has been a dream of mine for the last few years to bring it back. After all, the place we have been using was not -for us-, those refugees from the Dragon’s Inn all those years ago. The owner did not seem to be too interested in the players, or the chatroom itself, which I felt was always a shame. Because of that, many people felt that there was no protection from harassment or OOC feuds.

Late last year, I decided it was time to try. I purchased the domain name, and found hosting. Though I have been and continue to be very busy indeed, the site itself is in working order, fresh and new and ready to be used. That said, it is also in its infancy. There are errors, and lack of information, and things that are unclear. Don’t hesitate to let me know, and we’ll make it better together.

While there are individuals that I hope will respect that I would prefer them not to participate, this is by no means an exclusive place. It is for everyone’s enjoyment. One request I must make is that any old drama not be brought to the Court. Unless there is a very viable reason, for which you can provide proof, for your problem with another person, they are as welcome as you are. Peace is the order of the day.

There are rules, of course. Very few, and most of those you will find familiar as ‘unwritten’ rules of earlier sites, including the old Court and Mylanders. I find that these rules are conducive to enjoyable and exciting role-play, and I hope all of you will understand and abide by them.

-This- Court is a little different than the old. Please read the Book of Hours and understand the background. Very little except basic concepts still apply. While I appreciate and salute the work that went into the original, I feel it would be little more than theft and a kind of digital necromancy to bring the old Court back in detail. It was appropriate for its time and purpose, but that was years ago. This is a new place, with a new owner and a new direction.

All that said, I hope that you will enjoy being here with us.

If you wish to ask questions or make suggestions, please post a thread here.



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